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  • Web Developer - Ruby on Rails Apply
    job summary

    The role requires you to assure the successful execution of Skyboard’s business mission through developmentand deployment of its web portal. This requires envisioning Skyboard’s service offerings as a web-basedbusiness, leading implementation of web applications, and planning for risk and growth.

    the role
    • Lead the architecture and the development of our Ruby based platform
    • Develop innovative solutions based on product requirements and business challenges
    • Lead and manage the engineering process according to business requirements
    • Elaborate and decide on architectural challenges and operational issues
    • Translate requirements into actionable tasks
    • Help to grow our technology capabilities and support recruiting of top talent
    • You must be a coder at heart with a programming experience in Ruby/ Rails for 3+ years
    • You have great communication skills paired with the ability to lead teams
    • You have strong technical skills including a deepunderstanding of data structures and state of the art APIs
    • You design and build systems that are simple and scalable
    • You are more pragmatic than idealistic when it comes to software development
    • You know how to compromise and strike the right balance between a perfect solution and delivery on time.
    • Previous startup and team lead / lead architect experience
    • Experience with recommendation systems, named entity recognition solutions or frontend development
    • Active contributor to open source software or active member of the development community
  • Head Design Apply

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  • Head Sales Apply

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