50 Beautiful Houses In India- vol 1




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This books shows 50 beautiful bungalows across India. If you are an aspiring to build your dream house, this is the perfect tool where you get product details, technical plans and drawings. It becomes a comprehensive reference visual guide, showcasing bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms all from Indian houses, making it more relevant.

Firm Name : Gayathri & Namith Architects Pvt Ltd

Principal Architect: Gayathri Shetty & Namith Varma

  • Gayathri Shetty
  • Education: B.Arch
  • Professional Experience: 21 years
  • Professional Affiliations: I.I.A, C.O.A, I.I.I.D
  • Namith Varma
  • Education: B.Arch
  • Professional Experience: 22 years
  • Professional Affiliations: I.I.A, C.O.A, I.I.I.D

Search for Architect

This book gives you complete contact details of the architects and designers who specialize into making houses. As the projects are based across India, it becomes easier for you to search for suitable architects, rather than window shop from multiple sources.

Love Good Designs

If you are respect great design and have a taste for aesthetics, this book suits your personality. You can get options for multiple color combinations, furniture design, arts & artifacts, landscape design and space planning.

Reference at your finger tip

AUDIENCE: Architects / Interior Designers / Aspiring House Builders / High Net Worth Individuals / House Wives Interior Product Showrooms / Product Companies / Builders / Second Home Investors